For the remaining of 2020 Portland Indigenous Marketplace will not be holding raffles or taking monetary donations. Our small organization has been fortunate enough to receive some more immediate grants for 2020.  We are asking that any intentions of supporting us this year go to the Chúush Fund to support our family and neighbors in Warm Springs where currently at least 60% of the community does not have access to running usable water. 

The Chúush Fund was established in August of 2019 in response to the need for clean water at the Warm Springs Reservation at that time. It was approved by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Tribal Council by resolution and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Tribe and MRG Foundation. MRG Foundation transfers the total amount in the fund to the Tribe each month. This fund supports Warm Springs so that the tribe is able to respond to the mounting needs in Warm Springs as Covid has amplified the urgency of the situation and made the consequences of not having access to usable water even more dangerous.


At our July 25th event this summer Portland Indigenous Marketplace donated more than 50% of funds raised through our raffle to the Chúush Fund and we hope that if you are able you can join us in supporting our family and neighbors in Warm Springs. Thank you.


Portland Indigenous Marketplace Board


Here is a video about the Chúush Fund


Click HERE to donate to the Chúush Fund

Below are some of our featured artists who have their own independent online shops set up. Please visit their online stores, shop and support the various vendors.


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