3WS Generations Beadwork- Jolene.jpeg

3WS Generations Beadwork

Indigenous Ancestry: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Description: Beadwork and Beading Supplies

Contact: Jolene Ramirez Soto at



Indigenous Ancestry: Mixtec tribe of Oaxaca Mexico

Description: Art, apparel and hand made crafts

Social Media: IG @Arteotl FB @Arteotl 

Contact: Baruni at

Atrum Arte.jpg

Atrum Arte

Indigenous Ancestry: Mayan descent (Salvadoran native)

Description: Art and musical instruments


Social Media: IG @atrumarte 

Contact: Astrid and Brent at

Asdzaa Olta-Lakota Scott.jpeg

Asdzaa Olta

Indigenous Ancestry: Diné

Description: Wire woven jewelry using ancestral techniques


Social Media: IG @lakotascott  FB @asdzaaolta 

Contact: Lakota Scott at

Beauty is Everywhere.png

Beauty is Everywhere

Indigenous Ancestry: Diné

Description: Hand painted cigar boxes, with traditional Navajo designs

Social Media: FB @BeautyisEverWhere15

Contact: Jacqueline Soule-Dow at

Betty's Beads and Designs - Anna

Betty’s Beads and Designs

Indigenous Ancestry: Little Shell Tribe - Chippewa

Description: Beaded necklaces and chokers

Contact: Anna Dahl at


Cheiadagi’s Treasure Trove

Indigenous Ancestry: Pima and Yaqui

Description: Resin charms and beadwork 

Social Media: IG @Cheiadagistreasures

Contact: Jack Malstrom at

Delaselva EnLaCiudad

Indigenous Ancestry: Chachi from the coastal tribe of Ecuador

Description: I bead earrings and hamsa’s with empowering intentions. My most popular earrings are called “inter-generational healing.” They replicate the shape of DNA and tell the story of what healing our generational trauma can be envisioned as. The  hamsa’s I bead are connected to my Jewish heritage, but the Hamsa symbol can be found all throughout the world. I incorporate colorful design and sacred symbology through beading to create my protective pieces.

Social Media: IG @Delaselva_enlaciudad

Contact: Dyusa at

Dempsey Designs Beadwork 

Indigenous Ancestry: Navajo Nation

Description: Authentic Navajo Beadwork, made locally in Portland, Oregon. Navajo Entrepreneur featuring beaded jewelry, medallions, lanyards

Social Media: IG @Dempseydesignsbeadwork FB @Dempseydesignsbeadwork

Contact: LaDonna Dempsey at

Indigenous Come Up

Indigenous Ancestry: Andean/Inca (Quechua) and Warm Springs

Description: Indigenous made and designed arts, crafts and jewelry


Social Media: IG @IndigenousComeUp FB @IndigenousComeUp  P @IndigenousComeUpllc TW @IndigenousCU

Contact: Lluvia Merello at


Insomnia Arte Y Cultura

Indigenous Ancestry: Aztec

Description: Handmade art,  jewelry and ceremonial instruments

Social Media: IG @Insomnia_art_n_culture FB @Insomniaartncuture

Contact: Carmen Garnica at

KatMarfell - Kattia Hernandez Mena.jpg


Indigenous Ancestry: Indigena de Costa Rica, Huetar

Description: Hand Made Móviles ,basket, hats,maracas, earrings

Contact: Kattia Hernandez at

_Lakota Bows and Arrows- Ann Shabi.jpeg

Lakota Bows & Arrows

Indigenous Ancestry: Lakota/Dakota/N.Cheyenne/Navajo

Description: Family-owned and run jewelry, accessory, and art business. Specializing in artisans style sterling silver jewelry and N. Plains bead work (i.e beaded earrings, bags), drums, sinew backed bows, flint Knapped knives, brain tan leather, and moccasins.  

Social Media: IG @Tuswechazicreations

Contact: Ann Shabi at

Love Adorned by Lori Tazbah

Indigenous Ancestry: Diné and Acoma Pueblo

Description: Love Adorned by Lori Tazbah specializes in handmade contemporary Native jewelry made from recycled, repurposed materials with natural stones and shells. Love Adorned also carries custom decals and prints by Native pop artist, Steven Paul Judd and Native children's books.

Etsy Shop:

Social Media: FB @LoveAdornedByLT   IG @Loveadornedbyloritazbah

Contact: Lori Tapahonso at

LTY Dedigns Necklace.jpg

LTY Designs

Indigenous Ancestry: Gwichin' and Din'e

Description: Necklaces, earrings and ribbon skirts.

Social Media: IG @Cherilee2

Contact: Cheri at

Makali_i Made - Lehuauakea Fernandez.jpg

Makali'i Made / Lehuauakea

Indigenous Ancestry: Native Hawaiian

Description: Hand-carved bamboo earrings and hairpins, featuring detailed traditional Native Hawaiian patterns, all-organic materials, and plastic-free packaging


Social Media: IG @makalii_made and @_lehuauakea_

Contact: Lehuauakea at

Native Beaded Creations - lovely pamela.

Native Beaded Creations

Indigenous Ancestry: Yurok

Description: Design, create and bead custom earrings, medallions using a variety of colored beads, abalone, dentalium shells, stone, crystal & mirrors, creating unique, tribal designs

Social Media: IG @Lovely.pam16 

Contact: Pamela Brooks at

Native Mexika Art - Maria Gonzalez.jpg

Native Mexika Art

Indigenous Ancestry: Mexika

Description: Handmade jewelry

Social Media: IG @Yaokoatonal

Contact: Maria Ganzalez at

Native Twist - Nicole Buchanan.jpeg

Native Twist

Indigenous Ancestry: Sugpiat, Aleut, Alutiiq, Sun'aq

Description: Native American jewelry pieces with a modern twist. Art that expresses positive moods through colours. Incorporating traditional skills into expressions is an honor. My hope is to share the joy I experience in creating the pieces with those who want to express themselves through my art. 

Social Media: IG @Native_Twist 

Contact: Colette Buchanan at

NDN Indian- Jonni Ketcher.jpg

NDN Indian

Indigenous Ancestry: Tsalagi/Cherokee

Description: Tsalagi illustrator and storyteller. I sell prints based on stories shared with me by family and friends


Contact: Jonni Ketcher at

NimiiTli Beadwork - Eva Angus.jpeg

NimiiTli Beadwork

Indigenous Ancestry: Nez Perce, Cayuse, Tlingit, Haida

Description: Beaded earrings & jewelry

Social Media: IG @nimii_tli_eva

Contact: Eva Angus at

_Nizhoni Jewelry and Crafts - Share Tsos

Nizhoni Jewelry and Crafts

Indigenous Ancestry: Navajo/ White Mountain Apache

Description: Navajo jewelry and crafts with a modern touch

Contact: Cherilynn Tsosie at

Social Media: FB


Nomadic Lakota Fine Arts- AdrianL.jpg

Nomadic Lakota Fine Arts 

Indigenous Ancestry: Oglala / Sichangu Lakota

Description: Art Prints, T-shirts, Car Decals

Contact: Adrian Larvie at

Quiquilee Creations- Christina.jpg

QuiQuilee Creations

Indigenous Ancestry: Opata

Description: Homemade fabric accessories and nature photography. I make fabric wallets, purses and masks and nature photography greeting cards and more. 


Social Media: FB @Quiquilee

Contact: Christina Felix at

Red Road

Indigenous Ancestry: Lakota and first Nation

Description: Leather, Willow, beadwork, sinue, we make all sorts of stuff. We are a family business.

Social Media: FB @NativeAmerican.Art1 

Contact: Lisa MarieDavid at

Rock Metal and Bone - Leah Gibson.jpg

Rock Metal and Bone

Indigenous Ancestry: Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge

Description: Handmade Native jewelry


Contact: Leah Altman at

Rose Rico Designs - LaTisha Rico.jpeg

Rose Rico Designs

Indigenous Ancestry: Diné

Description: Diné artist mixing traditional materials & contemporary designs in beaded jewelry.

Social Media: IG @RoseRicoDesigns 

Contact: LaTisha Roca at

Riggs Beadwork picture.png

Riggs Beadwork

Indigenous Ancestry: Navajo

Description: Handmade Navajo beadwork and jewelry 

Social Media: IG @riggsbeadwork

Contact: Idallis at

RRB - Regana Begay.jpg

RRB Native Jewelry

Indigenous Ancestry: Navajo

Description: Southwest Native jewelry and crafts. 

Social Media: FB @ReganaRoseBegay 

Contact: Regana Begay at

Serena Kwey's Beaded Earrings - Serena K

Serena Kwey’s Beaded Earrings

Indigenous Ancestry: Ojibwe/Anishinaabe

Description: Handmade Porcupine Quill earrings,  Traditional Style Ojibwe Feather earrings along with a few of my own Creations.

Contact: Serena Hart at

SLS Native Couture Designs.jpeg

SLS Native Couture Designs 

Indigenous Ancestry: Klamath

Description: Jewelry, gifts, clothing and art.

Social Media: FB @S.L.SNativeCoutureDesigns

Contact: Stephanie Smith at


Stone and Stone Creations

Indigenous Ancestry: Southern Cheyenne

Description: Arts and crafts on stones, feathers, canvases and face painting.

Contact: Roberta Stone at

Sweet Native Expressions - MIchelle Pric

Sweet Native Expressions

Indigenous Ancestry: Navajo

Description: Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shidine’é.

Shí éí Michelle Price yinishyé. 

Chíshí nishłį́, Tsenahabilnii bashishchiin,

To baazhni'azhi dashicheii, Tábąąhá dashinalí.


Hello and welcome! My name is Michelle Price. I am of the Chiricahua Apache clan, born for the Sleeping Rock clan, my maternal grandfather is Two Who Came to the Water clan, and paternal grandfather is of the Edge of the Water Clan. 

I work with my brother in bringing pieces to our customers. 


Contact: Michelle Price at

Sweet Rain Creations- Reina Nelson.jpeg

Sweet Rain Creations

Indigenous Ancestry: Grand Ronde/Umatilla

Description: Native American jewelry & art

Social Media: FB @ReinaNelson 

Contact: Reina Nelson at


Tle Xochitl Jewelry

Indigenous Ancestry: Mexica/Toltec

Description: Handmade crafts


Contact: Xochitl Garnica at

_Tarlynn Tone-Pah-Hote.png

Tone-Pah-Hote Designs

Indigenous Ancestry: Kiowa/Oneida

Description: Crafts all hand made by family. We take custom orders for ribbon skirts/shirts, beaded items (earrings, regalia, etc.), silver work (earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.) and other miscellaneous items. Ah-ho, nia:wen!

Social Media: FB @Tonepahhote.designs

Contact: Tarlynn Tonepahhote at

truetotradition 2.jpg

True To Tradition

Indigenous Ancestry: Coastal Chumash

Description: Handmade flint & obsidian arrowheads, necklaces, knives, and earrings.


Social Media: IG @TrueToTraditions

Contact: Steven Saffold

Adele George Urban Indian Collective.jpg

Urban Indian Collective

Indigenous Ancestry: Yakama

Description: Native style arts and crafts


Contact: Adele George at


Indigenous Ancestry: Warm Springs

Description: Patriotic Art

Contact: Susan Guerin at

Ute Creations.jpg

Ute Creations

Indigenous Ancestry: Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho

Description: Native american powwow dance belts


Contact: Russell at

Wilgoosksm Gibaaw (Wise Wolf) Janice Jai

Wilgoosksm Gibaaw (Wise Wolf)

Indigenous Ancestry: Tsimshian

Description: Traditional and contemporary Tsimshian art in weavings of red & yellow cedar bark, beaded jewelry and regalia.


Contact: Janice Jainga-Lonergan at

Wiwinu Ent- Nicole Adams.jpg

Wiwinu Enterprises

Indigenous Ancestry: Coville

Description: Native Jewelry


Social Media: IG @Wiwinu_enterprises FB @WiwinuEnterprises 

Contact: Nicole Adams at

Women Sew Foundation.png

Women-Sew Global Foundation

Indigenous Ancestry: Women of Color collective including: Afghan, El Salvadorian, African American, Nepali, and Rohingya.

Description: Handmade/sewn accessories and tote bags


Social Media: FB @WomenSEWFoundation

Contact: LaVerne at